Solid Support

When Stafford House, home to over 200 national and international students in Wellington has a problem with their network, they really hear about it. There's nothing like students with assignments due to make outages a terror to contemplate.

Red Spider provides that extra level of technical support. For Stafford House, the need for immediate, competent, friendly support is critical in keeping the tenants happy. Red Spider recognises this and goes the extra mile to make sure that both Stafford House and their tenants are well supported.

Red Spider Support

Whether you have a solution developed by Red Spider, by yourself or by a third party, Red Spider can provide expert support.

We find our clients have support requirements that vary from the occasional difficult problem right through to looking after their every IT need. We provide specialist support for custom software as primary or backup support provider, network and systems infrastructure support, and any combination of the above within a simple pricing structure.

Support is available on a casual basis at our standard rate of $150 per hour, with discounts for set hours and Service Level Agreements right up to 24/7.

Contact us today to discuss your needs. You can also review our standard support rates here.