Red Spider Products

Red Spider provides a number of standardised products in various shapes and sizes. These products are the result of internal development efforts, or a standard customer need. You do not always need to be a client of Red Spider to use these products; some are available through resellers.

TaskTracker is an enormous productivity boost for small and medium service businesses, allowing you to keep track of tasks from sales to completion, and with additional modules right onto your invoice. Fully hosted, TaskTracker requires no hardware or software, just an internet connection and a web browser.
SecurityInfo is Red Spider's security bulletin. Targeted at systems, networks and software in New Zealand, SecurityInfo gives you a rapid heads-up for problems coming your way. Designed for systems and network administrators, SecurityInfo features the high-quality analysis Red Spider prides itself on, delivered right to your email box.
SimpleRoster is Red Spider's answer to the problems of managing weekly rosters, and keeping everyone up to date on where they should be, and where other people are. Developed with one of our clients in mind, we are expanding this service to the general public. Please contact if you're interested in this product.
A live, operating demonstration of the capabilities of our Hosting software, maximising automation of the tasks associated with Web, Email and Domain hosting.
Pre-configured Virtual Machines
Red Spider offers a number of pre-configured VMWare/Xen virtual machines for specific systems tasks. Currently available VMs include a spam/virus filtering gateway and a no-maintenance secondary dns service.