Red Spider Pricing

Red Spider offers a standard pricing structure for casual and short term work, as well as specific prices for Service Level Agreements. For larger scale development work, please contact us directly. Red Spider takes development very seriously and if we judge that your project is well suited to our skills, we will provide a workshop service free of charge in order to help you and us to a greater understanding of your requirements, prior to quoting. During this process we will be able to give you reasonable estimates on costing and development time.

Standard rates

Red Spider currently offers a flat standard rate for casual and short term work.

Service level agreements

While Red Spider provides best-effort response to clients under almost all circumstances, for guaranteed response times a Service Level Agreement is required. Pricing for SLAs is available with two time limits. The first element of the response time is how quickly we will acknowledge your call and confirm the details with you. The second element is how quickly we will perform and report our initial analysis, and provide you with an estimated time to restore service.

Rates, New Zealand

Standard rate for New Zealand is NZ$170+GST per hour.

All rates in this section are in New Zealand Dollars.

Hours and Days 90min/180min 30min/60min
9am to 5pm, business days $500/month $1,000/month
Any 12 hours between 6am and 11pm, 7 days a week $1,000/month $2,000/month
24 hours a day, 7 days a week $2,000/month $4,000/month

Support rates

Support hours can be purchased either at our casual rate, or in pre-agreed allotments per month for a discount.

Hours Equivalent per hour Cost per month Discount
5 $160 $800 $50
10 $150 $1,500 $200
15 $140 $2,100 $450
20 $130 $2,600 $800

Rates, US/International

Standard rate for US/International is US$140 per hour. Due to timezone differences, only 24/7 support is currently available. Other support hours are negotiable.

All rates in this section are in US dollars.

Hours and Days 90min/180min 30min/60min
24 hours a day, 7 days a week $1600/month $3500/month

Aside from the benefits of discounted hourly rates, monthly support time allows various maintenance tasks, notably critical security updates and regular system checks, to be performed without requiring prior approval. Security updates are particularly important and Red Spider may require the purchase of at least 5 hours per month along with any response-time contract in order to ensure that regular security maintenance is performed.