Networking in practice

Pacific Radiology is New Zealand's biggest private radiology group, with over 10 individual practices and a number of other integrated providers.

Pacific Radiology is also one of the most advanced technically, with a wide range of the latest medical hardware, all of which places significant demands on connectivity and security.

Red Spider provides systems and networking support for the entire network, allowing the bulky and complex DICOM imagery, as well as patient details and reports to be transferred rapidly and securely.

Red Spider Networking

Red Spider offers a variety of network and systems related services for small and medium sized organisations. We can provide secure managed routers, Virtual Private Networks via the public internet or local network providers, and network services such as email and web servers.

Red Spider delivers these solutions using reliable, standard Linux based components. We can integrate with a wide variety of existing infrastructure and have considerable experience with New Zealand's unique networking environment, including the benefits and complexities provided by APE, WIX, Citylink, Telecom ADSL and TelstraClear Cable solutions.

Red Spider does not provide routers or servers as commodity components; however we can be hired to construct similar devices to specification.

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