Red Spider Hosting

In general, Red Spider delivers sites and software that can operate on any reasonable hosting platform. This gives our clients maximum flexibility for the future. However, some web applications are more demanding, requiring complex logic, particular support libraries and greater flexibility than a regular ISP can provide.

For these needs, Red Spider operates its own hosting provider based out of The Planet, a world-class dedicated hosting environment in the United States.

Hosted on one of our secure servers, our clients can be assured of the platform stability they need. Red Spider staff with direct experience in the applications being run tend to these servers, so there is no question of who to contact if there are any issues. We take care of everything.


Pricing is dependent on the application itself; however Red Spider generally charges $100 per month + GST for a hosted application, plus $10 per month for any derivatives (sites utilising the same software with minor differences).

Red Spider does not generally charge for traffic unless usage is excessive (approximately 500GB per month).