Red Spider Development Portfolio

A selection of our development projects.


Swimformation combines the talents of New Zealand's top swimming coach Clive Rushton, Olympian Bill Garlick and Red Spider to bring high performance swimming training to anyone with a web browser.

Featuring complex, user focused training mechanisms presented in a simple, easy to operate fashion, the Swimformation site supports swimmers of all levels.

Other features include integrated billing, easy progress tracking, simple feedback and easy reporting and content administration.

Red Spider

At Red Spider, we believe our site should be a showcase for our capabilities. The Red Spider site demonstrates clear, contemporary corporate design, comprehensive navigation and content, and clean integration with our TaskTracker implementation for Red Spider's clients.


iMoondo is a cutting-edge online video classifieds site, taking the best of recent trends in AJAX interfaces, online flash-supported video and content delivery networks to provide easy listing, browsing and search of video classifieds.

Red Spider provided significant development resources, including:


Entrecard is a large blog community with an internal economy and on-site widget and advertising systems.

Entrecard posed huge performance and timeline challenges, with the need to rapidly scale out to meet increasing demand balanced against development time required to introduce new features and maintain systems. Limits on hardware availability required scaling to take place primarily as optimizations in the software, database and architecture rather than simply adding systems.


simplename provides a complete .nz authorised registrar, allowing users to register, manage, transfer and cancel their .nz domains.

The site has an incredible degree of integration, with every function completely automated. With the exception of misunderstanding or system error, no support staff interaction is required at all, reducing overhead enormously and giving the business the ability to scale to meet arbitrary numbers of users without the normal costs of more support staff and layers of management.


Involved right from the beginning, Red Spider constructed the Planned Outage Coordination Process online database to allow New Zealand's electricity industry to track and manage equipment outages, ensuring the security of New Zealand energy supply.

One of our most prominent Rapid Prototyping successes, the POCP database is the result of input from representatives of every major energy supplier in New Zealand, and successfully absorbed hundreds of minor and major feature changes as feedback and in-use testing suggested better ways of achieving the security goal.