Solid Construction

Red Spider provides both architecture and development services directed at producing better and more automated systems, as well as ad hoc additional software and advice.

Red Spider Development

Red Spider offers a full suite of software development services, from conception through to delivery.

Custom software brings many benefits, providing a much better match to your organisation's needs versus off-the-shelf software. However, it is considerably more risky, with significant delays and budget overruns being the industry norm.

"We... develop valuable software that can accommodate change"

Red Spider helps you minimise these risks at every opportunity, right from the start. Our experienced team guides you through the tricky task of identifying your requirements, helps you maintain realistic expectations right from the start - and develops flexible software that can accommodate the valuable changes that will inevitably be identified throughout the project as your business changes, and your staff and clients become better acquainted with the possibilities.

Red Spider does not respond to RFPs in general. Due to the complex nature of software and the unique abilities of our team, we prefer to run free face-to-face workshops with primary stakeholders in order to get a more accurate idea of your needs. To arrange one, please contact us with a general description of your project.

For our overseas customers, we have another process based on email and voice calls. It takes a bit longer but is just as effective.